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3D Printer Industry talks about +1000k 3D Printer

“Imagine”, this is the word that adorned the face of the +1000K machine when it premiered at Automate 2015 in Chicago last week. The +1000K is a new type of large format metal 3D printer, built to produce massive ideas but in a less expensive, faster, cleaner, safer, and environmentally friendly way. Large-scale metal additive manufacturing is a huge area for growth within the industrial manufacturing world and so many industries stand to benefit from an easier-to-use and more efficient metal 3D printer.

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Industry Week highlights +MFG

Parker Hannifin is partnering with +Mfg to build a new 3-D printing platform large enough and stable enough to print an engine block.

“Parker was our first choice for the motion control because we knew its reputation in this field,” says Paul Saleba, a +Mfg associate.

“When we first started doing some of the prototypes just to prove the technology would work, our engineers went to the Parker headquarters and talked to them, and described what we were trying to achieve,” he said. “Parker was very helpful and very excited because they saw the potential of this technology transforming parts production for many industries.”

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+MFG Unveils New +1000k 3d Printer on

When it comes to industrial manufacturing, metal 3D printing is where the future is at. Providing the ability to manufacture intricate parts, which are often impossible to produce via casting and other methods, as well as saving time, money, and material within the production process, 3D printers will continue to expand their presence on the manufacturing floor.

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RIA Robotics Online Highlights +MFG

+Mfg, LLC (‘Plus Manufacturing’) announced it will attend the Automate 2015 show in Chicago, IL on March 23-26, 2015 at McCormick Place. +Mfg will be debuting the revolutionary +1000K additive manufacturing machine utilizing an inert gas shielded arc to deposit multiple metals in any three dimensional pattern.

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Additive Manufacturing on Steriods by +MFG Debuts at Automate 2015

What happens when an advanced-tech startup company works with top tier manufacturers of machine parts and controls? You get metal parts much bigger than a breadbox and an opportunity to stretch your imagination. A patented process developed by +Mfg,LLC headquartered in Greater Cincinnati holds promise for a real paradigm shift in metal additive manufacturing. Along with its development partners Parker Hannifin and Miller Electric Mfg., the company entertained enthusiastic visitors at the Automate 2015 exhibition in Chicago last week.

The company’s machine, now known to early adapters as +1000K, performs a process called Arc Metal Deposition (AMD). The why-didn’t-I-think-of-that concept behind the technology is easy to understand. The +Mfg team simply combined computer driven additive manufacturing processes with a state of art power supply, and super-sized it. The show display led to impassioned discussions of new production capabilities that might be imagined. That’s why the word “IMAGINE” is so prominently emblazoned on the face of the machine when it is operating.

So, can you imagine producing a new automotive engine block in days; a desk-sized stamping die in a week; or an injection mold for a 500 ton press in less than a month? Traditional manufacturing methods of producing metal parts have been around since the Iron Age. “The benefits of additive manufacturing, particularly our AMD process, over casting, forging, and cutting parts out of billet is a gamechanger” was one of the comments made by Paul Saleba, the company spokesperson in his presentation during the Startup Competition at the show.

Jim Blackwood and Tom Kruer, Co-founders of +Mfg were also fielding questions about their +1000K, from all stripes of automation industry personnel and decision makers at the show. They discussed the implications on industry resulting from faster, cleaner, safer, less expensive, easier to operate, and environment friendly of one-off or mass-produced parts composed of combinations of various metals in one seamless operation. The partners are now shifting their attention to moving out of pilot production and into delivering machines to customers; and the sparks are flying!

About Parker Hannifin
With annual sales exceeding $13 billion in fiscal year 2014, Parker Hannifin is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. The company employs approximately 57,500 people in 50 countries around the world.

About Miller Electric Mfg.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co., with headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin, is a leading manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment designed for manufacturing, fabrication, construction, aviation, motorsports, education, agriculture and marine applications. The company also features a line of welding helmets and safety gear.

For more information, contact:
Paul Saleba at: 859-630.5444 and visit the company website:

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Innovation, genius at work as NKy’s Blackwood Labs aims to change world, revolutionize manufacturing

Not far off I-75’s Mt. Zion exit, onto Gunpowder Road in Boone County, up a steep private drive then onto a narrow winding gravel path to a nondescript building, you will find Blackwood Labs.

If you were expecting a traditional kind of laboratory, you will be either disappointed or surprised. . .and profoundly curious.

Leave behind your preconceived ideas and step into another dimension.

Genius is at work

If you think that doesn’t happen in a place like Northern Kentucky, think again. The area is replete with innovative start-ups like Bexion Pharmaceuticals, 3DLT and CitiLogics, “Why Not?” people pursuing big ideas at accelerators like bioLOGIC, UpTech, NKU’s Inkubator and College of Informatics, and creative thinkers doing business-not-as-usual like those at BLDG, Braxton Brewery and data company Clear Measures.

Blackwood Labs is awash in innovation, “Why Not?” people, and business-unusual creative thinkers.

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