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8/6/2015 +1000K Video Update

Here is a quick video from the Shop of the +1000K finishing the 105th layer of a steel vase. This 0.75 kg E70 Steel part took 50 minutes to print, and required only 1 kWh of electricity! We are progressing toward our efficiency goals quite nicely! Stay tuned for more updates!


+1000K Update – 6/8/2015

Wow! Do you know how hard it is to deposit a flat metal plate without using a substrate? Our gearheads are sorting out how it can be done as we perfect the +1000K’s Arc Metal Deposition technology.  See the below photo of a 1 kg steel part deposited in about an hour.  Sorry, but we would make you drool if we told you how little it cost us to make this part.

Large Plate 6.4.15

Our goal is to make a metal part using less than half the energy required for sand casting while letting you use less material to achieve the same strength. Lofty goal, yes – but the +1000K just might be the machine to do it!  Check out this picture of a tensile test sample made in about 5 minutes.
Tensile Sample 6.4.15
For the techies out there, this part took about 1.1Kwatts/kg of electrical energy, and is close to full tensile strength as it has no porosity. (For comparison casting requires 1.6KW/Kg of energy to make a part – see the Paper Attached from the July 2014 International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology)… so we are almost there! Yoon Paper on Specific Energy Usage