Projected Benefits During Product Life Cycle

Download the +1000K Spec Sheet (PDF)

  1. Design/Development
    • Increased Design Flexibility
      • Internal honeycomb structures, Multiple metals in one part
      • New structures not dictated by existing manufacturing processes
    • Reduced Prototyping / Development Cycle
      • Fully-functional, testable parts in minutes or hours
      • Rapid proof of design refinements
  2. Production Release
    • No need for specialized equipment, tooling, molds, or stamping dies
      • Reduced Time to Short Run Production
      • Lower Capital Investment
  3. Production
    • Shorter Run Times, Shorter Lead Times, Reduced Floor Space
    • Lower Labor Costs, Improved Employee Safety
    • Reduced Energy Consumption, No Waste Products
  4. Product Revisions
    • Incorporate changes Immediately, Improved competitive response
    • Increased customer driven product offerings
  5. Shutdown/Changeover
    • No tooling or equipment to dispose of after completing production
    • Nearly immediate product changeover