Join a Plus Mfg Beta Innovation Group (BIG)

Prove for yourself that the Plus AMDTM process is right for your part(s), your company, and your customer(s).

Apply to join a Plus Mfg Beta Innovation Group (BIG) and use time on our state-of-the-art metal additive manufacturing system to optimize your part-making processes before you risk capital investment.

BIG participation benefits include:

  • Getting a start on any certification requirements (dog bones or test samples)
  • Producing actual parts to use for customer approval or market verification
  • Get ahead of the curve replacing cast and CNC machined parts
  • Prove efficacy of the process to make your parts prior to capital investment

BIG participation usage fees include the following services:

  • Machine time
  • Optimized parameters for new materials
  • Video feed to watch your parts being made
  • Standard wire, inert gas, and electrical power
  • Secured, limited access to our facility (24 hours a day)
  • Firewall protection of your part files
  • Training of your personnel (at some usage levels)
  • BIG participant get-togethers
  • Opportunities for co-marketing with other BIG participants

*Note that only one industry representative will be permitted to participate in each BIG at any given time. 
You may be put on a waiting list for the next BIG.

Fill out the no risk application and take the first

step toward joining Plus Mfg on its journey of

changing the world of metal manufacturing!