Our Mission

We solve problems! We can remedy a multitude of production issues faced by traditional metal casting foundries and fabrication houses.


By creating an integrated system that produces large complex parts from multiple metallic materials, +Mfg delivers a practical approach to production more than any existing method to create a 3D part.

The parts can be made cost effectively in prototype to production quantities while eliminating traditional production issues.

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Board of Governors

Tom Kruer

Chief Innovation Officer, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Industrial Administration

Tom started working as a co-op at General Motors in the 1970’s and has since had an impact on products at J&J, Ford, NASA, and 40 other firms. He has been involved in, or led over 300 new product development projects, with thirteen market-leading products introduced around the globe.

Wayne McDonough

B.S Computer Science

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Wayne has held various management positions within Information Technologies over a span of forty years. A Plus Mfg. investor since 2014, Wayne serves as Chair of the Board of Governors, and is determined to see the fulfillment of the company’s success.

Anthony Hong

Ph.D Candidate, Economics

Anthony is an economist who specializes in industrial organizations. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

Pam Jackson


Pam has had a distinguished career in business-to-business marketing and sales. An early investor in Plus Mfg, she splits her time between Ohio and Arizona.

Team Members

Stephan Abt

B.S. Engineering

Stephan is one of our talented, young Engineers that form our innovative “design wolf pack”. This four person team is tasked with designing the production system to be of the highest quality, while being easy to fabricate and eventually assemble around the world.

Ben Westermeyer

Engineering, Production

Ben has proven himself as a Process and Quality Control Engineer at Tier One automotive suppliers. His experience as a machine builder for the aerospace and automotive industries is being brought to bear setting up our production facility.

Karen Zerhusen Kruer

JD Chief Operating Officer

Karen has over 25 years of experience in senior management and executive roles in complex organizations. She brings her extensive management background in governance, operations, investment, HR, customer relations, finance and administration. She has been a mainstay of the Plus Mfg family from its inception, and is excited its products are poised to change the world of metal manufacturing.

Trey Zerhusen

Social Media BA Candidate Education

Nobody can get our message online and out to our customers better than our guy, Trey. He is always ready to deliver the news about +Mfg and the Additive Manufacturing marketplace on a moment’s notice. Stay tuned for very informative updates from this real-time Digital Age guru.

Dave Zerhusen

Logistics, BS Business Administration

With his extensive experience at FedEx and P&G, Dave represents a great asset when we start moving our machines, upgrade modules, and wire feed stock out to our customers around the country.