Our Vision

We aspire to:

  • Lead innovation in metal additive manufacturing technologies
  • Enable reshoring with safe work environments and rewarding jobs
  • Mitigate the effects of climate change
  • Provide an excellent ESG-focused investment, and
  • Ensure every stakeholder feels valued, motivated, and proud to be associated with Plus Mfg, LLC

Our Mission

Responsibly changing the word of metal manufacturing!


  • Our innovative patented products and business model have the potential to provide hope and
help to individuals, companies, and communities, both domestically and globally.
  • Our organizational structure is managed by a seven-member Board of governors overseeing functional committees and teams consisting of officers, members, and outside consultants.
  • Plus Mfg, LLC presents a qualified Opportunity Fund investment.
  • Plus Mfg, LLC represents a true ESG-focused investment:

Environment: We are controlling and minimizing our own Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions (see below) and allowing our customers to also decrease all of their emissions.

Socially Responsible practices include hiring local labor at thriving wages, and involving private individual investors.

Good Governance and oversight take place at all levels of our very flat and efficient organization.

We hope you can appreciate what we have already accomplished and choose to share in implementing our vision.