Our AMD+1000K system uses the patented Advanced Metal DepositionTM technology.


  • Deposit parts in multiple materials
  • No substrate required
  • Near net shape parts ready for final machining (No post heat treat)
  • In-Situ temperature control for optimum material properties

Large Format

  • Build volume of 1 cubic meter
  • Large enough to build:
 A plastic injection mold for a 500 ton stamping press, or
 A V8 engine block, heads, and connecting rods at the same time


  • Fully enclosed to eliminate exposure to molten metal or fumes


  • Wire feed stock rather than messy and costly metal powder


  • Greater than 2.5 Kg/hr deposition (depending upon part and feed stock)

Cost effective

  • Raw materials as low as $12 per Kg
  • System less expensive than less capable equipment


  • Modular design provides for optimization and easy upgrades.


  • The AMDTM process is WAAM 3.0!

Current Material Offerings:

  • E70 steel
  • 316 series stainless steel
  • 6000 series aluminum
  • Silicon bronze
  • More to come